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About Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers started out as a small company in Milwaukee who built a variety of products including French burr millstones, portable mills, shafting and water wheels, and later went on to produce steam powered engines. In 1901, Allis-Chalmers was formed by merging the Edward P. Allis Co, Fraser and Chalmers Company and Gates Iron Works. Wanting to diversify, Allis-Chalmers built its first farm tractor in 1914. The tractor business grew, and in 1928 a line of crawler tractors was started. From there Allis-Chalmers decided to focus on the small and medium sized farmer, they came up with new designs that turned out to be one of the most popular series of tractors ever produced. The WC tractor was first built in 1933 as a prototype tractor. Soon to follow was the Model B tractor, then the Model C in 1940, the Model CA in 1950, the Model WD in 1948 and the Allis-Chalmers WD45 in 1953. In 1985 due to financial reasons, the company was brought out and become known as Deutz-Allis. 

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Allis Charmels Shaft Master PTO - 4024107
BrandAllis Charmels DescriptionShaft Master PTO
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Allis Charmels Speed Gear - Tx14766
BrandAllis Charmels DescriptionSpeed Gear

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