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About Ford

Ford’s tractor heritage started back in 1917 when Henry Ford wanted to build an affordable tractor available to all farmers but more specifically for small farms and so the Fordson F was designed and built. By 1928 Ford had stopped making tractors in the US but continued in England where a new partnership was developed with Harry Ferguson to produce the popular Fordson N series tractors. With over 110 years of experience in agricultural machinery, New Holland started out in New Holland Pennsylvania in 1895 by Abram Zimmerman. In 1947 the Sperry Corporation brought out New Holland which was then acquired by Ford in 1985 to form the new company Ford-New Holland. In 1991 Ford looked for a way out of manufacturing tractors so sold the company to Fiat and the name was changed to drop the Ford name and become just New Holland. 1999 saw the purchase of Case Corporation by New Holland which is now one of the World's largest remaining tractor and agricultural machinery producers.

HYUNDAI Bevel Gear Set (Crown Wheel & Pinion) XKCF-00323
BrandHyundai DescriptionBevel Gear Set (Crown Wheel & Pinion)

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  • $1076.9
  • $1077
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