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About McCormick Tractors

McCormick Tractors started out as the brain child of Cyrus McCormick with the invention of the agricultural reaper in 1831. From there on McCormick machinery soon redefined and revived the agricultural farming in America. As the company grew in Chicago it nearly came to an abrupt end due to a fire gutting out the complete factory. At a great personal loss, McCormick rose again and rebuilt the factory to continue making agricultural machinery. After his death, his son took over the company and the next change for McCormick tractors came in 1901 when the name changed to International Harvester. They produced the McCormick Farmall tractor in 1931 which took a major part in the industrialisation of the US. The tractor colour was changed from grey to red for safety reasons. The Second World War but a hold on the manufacturing of tractors as the factory was used to assist with the war effort. After the hostilities McCormick started venturing out into other fields such as trucks, buses and even fridges whilst maintaining their range of tractors. The International Harvesting name was taken over by Case and the McCormick company was eventually brought out by the Italian Argo company in 1999.

McCormick Bevel Gear Set (Crown Wheel & Pinion) - 6515562M92
BrandMcCormick DescriptionBevel Gear Set (Crown Wheel & Pinion)

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  • $700.5
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